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DESIBO IMPEX SRL Bucharest / Romania have been supplying for many years together with more reliable Romanian chairs and Table bases (frame) in RAW (ITW) on the international contract furniture market used to Hospitality ans Leisure  industry like  Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Bistro,  Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, etc..

The range of these wooden beech chairs is covering the following furniture products :

  - Solid  beech  chairs / Bar chairs  made in RAW  to upholstery /polished on request used for hotels, restaurants ( ex. chairs : 0227 S ; 0227A ; 0206 S ; 0206 A;0205S ;0205A ……0401A ; 0421 A plus 6 models of frame chairs Andreea 1….6);
  -  Farmhouse chairs provided with solid seat and made in RAW / polished on request like SLATBACK CHAIRS & CARVER; SPINDLEBACK CHAIRS & carver; FIDDLEBACK CHAIRS & carver; BULLSEYEBACK CHAIRS  & carver made and delivered in RAW /polished on request as well other models of chairs  like :chairs 137; 137/M; Britannia, Vegas, Washington, Oxford, Ramo, Georgia, Gothic; Alex, etc. as well as bar chairs like :Bar 137 ; Bar 137/M ,Bar Britannia, Bar Gothic, Bar Georgia,etc. );
  -  Farmhouse beech  Tables bases (frame 0 made and delivered in RAW/polished on request like models : UVF 111 ; UVF 112, Tulip,etc. ;
  - Farmhouse solid Low and High Stools provided with solid seat made in RAW / polished on request
  -  Made and delivered in RAW on polished at request.;
  -  Beech chairs made and delivered in RAW or provided on back and seat with ecological leather according to british standard Safety.;
  -  STEAM BENTEWOOD CHAIR PROVIDED WITH PLYWOOD SEAT LIKE loopback chairs; rams head chairs: fanback chairs & carver; fanback high bar stools, low and high stools, etc.
    - Solid frame chairs for Restaurants made in RAW with seat ready for upholstery (photo appear finished and upholstered but for the domestic market)
Delivery Time: 

For all Furniture of chairs and table bases and pedestal bases made and delivered in RAW/polished on request is about 30/35/45 days on subject to specification of Furniture  chairs and tables bases ) or only chairs in RAW/polished PRICES for all furniture is understood EX WORKS – Romanian factory, packing included

We have also possibility in finding of reliable Romanian Transport companies which have a long experience in the transport furniture between Romanian chairs factories and everywhere in. Europe/United Kingdom.

From this reason we support any customer starting with the arrival the lorry ( usually lorries have aprox. 90 cbm. Capacity (length : 13.60 meters ; Width : 2.45 meters ; height 2.70 meters  and  until at Place of destination.

Telephone:  0040-021-3158472 (international)  
Fax: 0040-021-3158473 (international)  
Postal address:  Desibo Impex SRL, 12 Pictor Stahi Street, 010188 Bucharest, Romania
E-mail: desiboimpexsrl@gmail.com  
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